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Frequently Asked Questions about OARIP's Sourcing & Recruiting Services

The OARIP team can source lists, candidates or run end-to-end full cycle recruitment searches – you choose what best fits your needs.


1) What makes your sourcing service better than what we can do with our internal staff?


First, the OARIP team has been sourcing candidates for years and built a CRM database of hundreds of thousands of potential candidates.  Second, OARIP utilizes several recruiters to  source and multiple internet tools simultaneously and 24/7, searching the internet for potential passive and active candidates for your positions. Third, OARIP’s service frees your internal team to concentrate on core critical disciplines like internal interviewing and closing candidates.


2) Can you guarantee the number of resume we will receive?


OARIP can guarantee we will find you qualified candidates.  We cannot guarantee what that number will be as results vary due to the marketplace and difficulty of skill set required.  But, as you pay by the hour, if you are not happy with the results you can discontinue the service at anytime.


3) What is your “new” methodology?


OARIP’s methodology grew out of 25+ years of recruiting experience and integrating that experience into the newest internet software tools to locate and market to large volumes of potential candidates 24/7.


4) What type of tools do you use?


OARIP uses software tools (“Spider Ware and WebCrawler”) which go out into the internet and aggregates information from dozens of jobs boards, user groups, social media networks, open web, etc.  We collect the potential candidate information (hundreds each day); market to these people, generate interest and qualify them for specific client needs. 


5) What are your geographic limitations?


OARIPs methodology harnesses the power of the world-wide-web so there are no geographic limitations.  If someone is on the web; posted their resume, has a website, connected to social networking sites, member of a user group, listed in company information etc., we can find them.


6) Do you have specialties in certain positions, disciplines or skill sets?


OARIP is led by senior recruiters with 25+ years of recruitment experience; they have recruited for every position so we are confident with any position.  We find that our services are most beneficial when searching for professional positions that are hard-to-fill (Technology, Finance, and Accounting) or an executive level position where OARIP can target specific appropriate potential candidates and companies.


7) What is the cost of your services?


OARIP’s sourcing services begin at $65 an hour for a sourcer and a recruiter.  This basic fee satisfies the majority of our clients’ needs.  You can chose specific tasks to full cycle recruitment.  You pick from a menu of offerings: Research, list generation, sourcing potential candidates, marketing your company, generating interest in your position, qualifying the interested candidates with a basic phone screen, and/or end-to-end full life-cycle recruitment.   


8) How do your services compare to traditional staffing agencies?


OARIP partners with the client in the recruiting and hiring process.  We conduct the first part the recruitment cycle and the client finishes.  Or we can conduct end-to-end recruitment cycle. Once we submit the resumes and candidate information, your internal hiring team continues the cycle with internal interviews to fill.  When our methods are conducted successfully the savings can be great.  Some examples:

Real Assignments / Real Clients / Real Savings

$65/an hour vs. 20% of annual salary





Sr. Linux Admin/Eng



Web Marketing Executive



Director IT Applications



Director Recruitment



Payroll Manager



Sr. IT Manager



Director Marketing



Senior Staff Accountant



Sr. PMO Executive



Sr. Financial Accountant CPA



2  Sr. Recruiters



Director PMO



IT QA Manager



Payroll Manager



Sr. IT Project Manager